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Performance marketing

What is Performance Marketing?

Performance marketing, often also referred to as performance advertising, is a strategy for conducting data-driven digital marketing. All measures in performance marketing can be measured using key performance indicators (KPIs), which makes it possible to precisely determine the efficiency of the various advertising measures. Examples of such KPIs include conversion rate, click-through rate, and impressions. With performance marketing, it is possible to create maximally efficient marketing measures for your own online marketing.

Why Performance Marketing?

Performance marketing should be practiced because it offers many advantages:


-Data-based analysis and optimizability

-Thus easy planning and budgeting of the individual marketing instruments

-KPIs can be used to determine a good cost-to-sales ratio

-Analytics allow campaign elements to be readjusted or discontinued if they are not working

What makes us stand out as a performance marketing agency?

For you as a company, performance marketing should actually work like this: Your website is at the
top of search results, your ads are paying off, your web offering is running smoothly, and users love
your content.
Unfortunately, in everyday life it often looks different: Measures have to be prioritized due to a lack
of time, day-to-day business gets in the way, or an important member of the team is unfortunately
tied up elsewhere. How can you achieve your goals despite these circumstances? – Quite simply:
with us as your extended arm in online marketing.
With FRIDRICH MEDIA as your new partner and one of the leading performance marketing
agencies, you get:
Tailored solutions that enable them to remain competitive against market competitors
comprehensive services in the areas of search engine marketing (SEO, SEA and PPC), content
marketing, PR, social media marketing, web analytics, e-commerce development and consulting
data-driven and target group-specific online marketing
certified and qualified experts in the areas of B2B and e-commerce
access to our own in-house programming for your web projects
cost-efficient packages of measures
active communication and transparent reporting
As experienced performance marketing experts, we develop customized and individual strategies
tailored to very specific industries and their particular goals – always depending on which channels
your customers and prospects are really using.

With a targeted lead generation strategy, performance marketing wins contacts with genuine
interest in your company or product.

What makes performance marketing campaigns so valuable?

Since performance marketing is primarily about measurable numbers, after a performance
marketing campaign we know exactly in which area which added values were generated. This is
what makes performance marketing campaigns so valuable. Targeted analyses make it possible to
discover undiscovered potential and then exploit it.

Why do I need a performance marketing agency?

Performance marketing measures require a considerable amount of time if you want to optimize
your website or online store yourself. This is because performance marketing thrives on being
constantly optimized in order to be able to respond with real precision to the needs of customers and
prospects. It also requires specialist know-how and the appropriate tools to measure and correctly
evaluate the implementation of your marketing goals. All this requires time, which is usually scarce
in day-to-day business. This is exactly where we come in with our competent performance
marketing consulting!

How do we go about it?

1.As-is status: We analyze your initial situation.
2.Definition of KPIs: To measure the performance of measures or campaigns, we define the most
important goals together with you.
3.Marketing strategy: We plan and implement the defined strategy.
4.Measurability: As a data-driven agency, we review the defined KPIs at regular intervals and find
potential and starting points for optimization.
5.Optimization: We adjust the measures accordingly to improve performance, act cost-effectively
and reduce wastage.
• Our performance marketing agency offers you all solutions from a single source – because
only with a clever combination of different services can you increase your performance
effectively and with long-term success.

How do we help companies generate leads?
Our performance marketing specialists help you generate qualified leads by targeting your
audience in the appropriate marketing channels with our solutions. We make people aware
of your company and arouse interest in your brand through special offers.

• The goal of a performance marketing strategy is to develop individual incentives that fit the
target group, encouraging customers to contact companies and leave their data. Offers
• E-books
• Coupons
• Blog articles
• Webinars
• Appointments
• Leads
• Sales
The incentives are played out to the target group via various marketing channels. A performance
marketing agency checks which seeding measures bring the greatest success for the respective
campaign. As a rule, spreading the offers via Google Ads, retargeting measures and sponsored
content in combination with optimization through SEO in search engines such as Google or Bing
shows the greatest success. Depending on the target group, as a performance marketing agency we
also frequently rely on social media measures or in-house email campaigns.

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