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You come to us with your product or service, we open the door to the digital world for you...

Who we are

Transforming Businesses in the Digital Age.

As a European-based company with a primary focus on the DACH market, we operate from our headquarters strategically located in the heart of Sri Lanka. From this central location, we plan and execute our operations, catering to clients from all over the globe at the prestigious World Trade Center. Additionally, for our valued European clientele, we
extend a warm invitation to visit us in Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom.

Driven by our unwavering passion for online marketing, our team consists of dedicated professionals, associates, and affiliated agencies spread across the globe. Embracing the the ethos of remote planning, analysis, and collaboration, working across borders is deeply ingrained in our DNA.

Our Value

Where Creativity Meets Digital Strategy

Our Vision

Since we don't have to focus on the Product or Service, our main goal is monetize it. That's exactly where our experts come in play.

Our Mission

Online Marketing. We do what we can do the best and let you expand your business without having to worry about Sales, Clients, Traffic and Engagement.

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Years of Experience
What we offer

Transforming Businesses in the Digital Age.

Performance Marketing

Data and Statistic driven Marketing is the key to financial success. Creating a performing Marketing Campaign for once is not hard but keeping up the results and increasing it every time, that's the key to suchess for your ROI.


The key is that customers and clients find you and you don't have to find them. This is where Search Engine Optimization comes in place. This is an absolute must-do for every Business in this digital age.

Email Marketing

One of the oldest but still most relevant methods to reach new and old customers or just to build brand awareness. Tracking, measurement and reporting is easier then ever - if you have the right tools and Databases like us.

SEA / Paid Ads

The saying" you need to spend money to make money" can't be more true in the Digital Era we live in. Luckily, you don't need to waste huge amounts of Marketing Budget to reach your goals. You should trust experts like us in that matter.


You avoid it, nobody wants to do it, but everyone needs it. Reaching out to new or existing customers via the phone will never get old. New times need new solutions, but the System will never change. A personal touch will always keep you ahead of your competitors.

Social Media Marketing

These days, not just a "nice to have". Every Business needs to have a Social Media presence. Not only to find new Customers but also to maintain its value and retain existing clients.


When you read this, and you are interested in Online Marketing, you are our Lead. We make sure, that your Business doesn't have to worry about new Customers and your Sales Team can work on creating a constand flow of revenue.

How it works

Lets work on a plan together, to reach your Goals!

We are Online Marketing Veterans. Reaching your audience is our goal.

Lets talk about what you need and who you are

First we need tog et to know each other. Let us have a meeting and see where we can help you. Every Business needs Clients, we know that. But also every Product/Service needs tailored solutions. Lets figure that out.

We create a Game-Plan

After our assessment, we build a Strategy which exactly fits your need. By now, we know your Business inside out and since we could fully dedicate our resources to finding a solution for you, we are confident that the execution will be an ease.


Depending on the strategy and budget we work with, we should see the first results immediately. That doesn't mean we are done yet, since this should be a long term solution for your business. Everything will be documented and tested, so no issues can happen in the future. In Case they happen, we are prepared.

What we are proud of



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Spreading trust across 87 countries

Connecting clients worldwide with reliable expertise.

Most Popular Questions

We get it. These days there are more so called „Online Marketing Agencies“ in existence than trustworthy businesses it feels like.
What differences us from the most of them is first of all our experience and also the diversity of Solutions we offer. Let’s say you have an existing Product but no Customers. We create the strategy, plan and execute the campaign, generate traffic and customers, help you retain them and upsell them. We don’t just press buttons and see what happens. Depending on your budget we involve real experts fully committed to your sucess.

No. Every Agency which charges you for getting to know each other is in our eyes a rip off. This is straight up not legit. We need to get to know each other. We need to understand what your needs are and the most important we need to feel save and secure in planing your Marketing Budget the right way. Only, after our initial offer and offering you strategic plan, you can decide if you work together with FRIDRICH MEDIA. You are more than welcome to take your time and see if you find someone else, who does the same or even better than us. Yes, that confident are we with our Services.

Out of experience. Since we don’t have to worry if the Product works, or if the Service will get delivered properly, we can fully focus on the marketing aspect. Obviously you need to stand behind your Business but you wouldn’t come to us if that’s not the case. 
Every product or service has a buyer or customer. If not, he doesn’t know yet he needs or want it.

FRIDRICH MEDIA has access to one of the biggest Newsletters and Databases around the world. You don’t need to have any experience or knowledge about that. Designing and developing strong converting Emails are our daily bread and butter. Doesn’t matter if it’s just short reminders, sale updates or exiting news for your clientele. We help you to build your own successful Newsletter.

We don’t run a call center. But we are affiliated with great B2B & B2B Sales Agents, who can manage small, medium and large Projects. Our expertise is in the DACH and English market, but basically we are strong in every existing language due to our save and bulletproof procedures. Our system of Writing a Script, calling your clients and getting out of them what you want is in our DNA.

Nobody is the best forever and sometimes a Business can get „Betriebsblind“ which means, getting blind for the solutions and problems due to working for too long on a project. We gladly assist your existing Team or Agency in overcoming that via Consultation or find a way how to replace that with FRIDRICH MEDIA.

Nobody is saying you can’t generate leads. But our straregies are based on mathematical factors which your business is not aware of. On the other hand, we also have no clue how to run your business, sell your product or service. The key to a great partnership is that you do what you are Good in, and we do what we can do the best. Generate leads, traffic and the sales are up to you.

Honestly, it’s FOMO. The „Fear of missing out“. Nobody these days wants to make less revenue than the last month. Nobody wants to have worst results then in the past. This is where performance Marketing comes in place. We learn out of past marketing results and give our best to do it better in the future, which most of the time works out due to or precise strategies and processes.